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Healius cancer & hematology clinics were founded on the principle of providing ethical, empathetic, effective, and gold standard treatment for patients with cancer and hematological cancer. A comprehensive multidisciplinary opinion is required to ensure that patients get the best of care because in cancer the first treatment should be the best. Second chances may not be offered to many, and outcomes may be poor with catch-up therapy for these disorders.

We at healius cancer & hematology clinics aim to provide comprehensive therapy at the most cost-effective prices and ensure that the best outcomes known in today’s world are provided to all the patients who step into our clinics.

Tumor Board Based Cancer Treatment

We Treat All Types Of Cancer

We aim to make sure that patients who come to our clinic do not feel like they are at a medical center and they have the least of waiting times, the best of prices, and the best of outcomes known in the world.

Our experienced team of oncologists and hematologists trained at reputed Indian and international centers of refuting have years of experience managing complicated cases during the decades of experience.

Our Team

30+ Years of Experience

Despite 30 years of experience, our team will approach every patient with the utmost care, utmost diligence, and uttermost empathy so that patients feel that they are being treated well taken care of well.
Not only are the major branches of cancer and hematology treatment are available, but supporting branches such as physiotherapy, onco-psychology, and yoga are available. Our entire team of specialist at Healius Cancer Clinics has a combined experience of treating more than 10,000 patients during their careers.

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