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Gynecologic oncology is the branch of study that deals with treating cancers of the female reproductive tract. It is characterised as abnormal cell development that begins in the female reproductive organs. It starts within a woman's pelvis, beneath the stomach, and between the hip bones. Each gynecologic cancer is distinct, with different signs and symptoms, risk factors, and prevention techniques. These cancers affect all women, and the risk increases with age. Treatment is most successful when these cancers are discovered early.

Healius cancer & hematology, we have one of the best gynecologic oncologist in Bangalore. There are six major types of cancer depending on the parts of the female reproductive tract.

Most Common Gynecological Cancer

• Cervical cancer
• Vaginal cancer
• Ovarian cancer
• Vulvar cancer
• Uterine cancer
• Fallopian cancer

Causes Of Gynecological Cancer

• Infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV).
• Infection with HIV or a weakened immune system.
• Diabetes.
• Smoking.
• Obesity.
• Breast or gynecologic cancer in the past.
• Estrogen replacement treatment.
• Diet rich in fat.
• Use of oral contraception or fertility medications

Gynecological Cancer Treatment In Bangalore

There are different types of standard treatment for gynecological cancer. These treatments depend on cancer's location, stage, and severity. The doctor considers your overall health and preferences before therapy.
• Surgery
• Chemotherapy
• Radiation Therapy
• Targeted drug therapy
• Immunotherapy:


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Uterine cancer was the most prevalent type of gynecological cancer. Atypical vaginal bleeding, mass or lump growth in the vagina, difficult or painful urination, pain during intercourse, and pelvic pain are symptoms. Other than uterine cancer, these signs and symptoms could be caused by a variety of illnesses. Patients who are suffering from any of these symptoms should consult a doctor to figure out the cause. When detected early, uterine cancer is highly curable.

It spreads mostly in two ways: it can get larger and enter surrounding organs, such as the bladder, rectum, vagina, or other tissues near the uterus and vagina. It has the potential to expand to the lymph nodes in the pelvic region.

Any cancer that occurs in a woman’s reproductive organs is referred to as gynecologic cancer. Ovarian, uterine, cervical, vaginal, and vulvar cancers are the most common types of cancer that affect a woman’s reproductive organs. They are referred to together as gynecologic cancer.

It is necessary to pay attention to your body and understand what is healthy to identify the warning noticeable symptoms of gynecological cancer. Most of the time, your symptoms will be caused by something else, something less significant. If you’re still concerned about your symptoms, it’s never a bad idea to get a second opinion. Once you’ve determined what’s wrong, you can seek suitable treatment. It’s always best to get cancer diagnosed and begin treatment as early as possible so that if you do have cancer, you’ll be glad you detected it before. Nobody understands your body as you do, so make an appointment immediately in Healius cancer & hematology for one of the best gynecologic oncologists in India if something has changed and you’re concerned.

Finding a gynecological oncologist for gynecological cancer treatment could be one of the most significant decisions you make in your life. You may be referred to one or more specialists by your family doctor. Your chances of receiving the best possible care are increased if all of your health-care experts are involved from the start when you are diagnosed so that everyone can work together as a team.

You could also try the following:
1. Conduct your research with the assistance of your doctor.
2. Consult with multiple doctors.
3. Inquire about oncologists’ and surgeons’ experience.
Healius cancer & hematology have the best gynecologic oncologist in Bangalore who specialise in cancer treatment with surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and hormonal therapy.

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